How it works?

You earn Points that can be later transfered to main balance and withdraw to Paypal, Gift Cards and more.

Points worth in USD

  • 1 POINT = $0.01
  • 10 POINTS = $0.1
  • 100 POINTS = $1
  • 1,000 POINTS = $10
  • 10,000 POINTS = $100

We have thousands of offers and  many surveys available daily and some offers are worth more than 1,000 Points each.

How To Start Earning

Sign Up/Register and create an account on JinnyBucks.

Activate your account from your email after signing up.

From the left menu click on "Earn" and you will find two ways to earn from there.

  • Tasks - Earn by comleting simple tasks here.
  • Offer Walls - Earn by taking surveys and completing offers.

How To Transfer Your Points To Cash For Withdrawal.

After you have earned some Points, It will show up in your Points Balance.

From the left menu, click on "Redeem" and from the drop down, click on "Transfer" then you will see a tabbed menu, click on "Points" from that tabbed menu.

On the left side you will see "Points", "an arrow pointing to the right direction" , and "Main" on the right.

If you want to withdraw your Points to cash, then you can transfer it to "Main".

Note: You can only withdraw from Main Balance.

How To Withdraw Your Earnings From JinnyBucks

From the left menu again, under Redeem, click on "Withdraw". This should take you to the withdrawal page.